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Karron Myrick
Clair Norman

Karron Myrick (Owner) - Business Development & Data Analytics Consultant 
Email  kmyrick@bearmechanisms.com

Karron Myrick has over 20 years’ of experience in all aspects of business development, marketing, finance, accounting, auditing and financial management.  Her work experience in expanding U.S. brands globally, identifying and infusing new technology into new products, provides her an in-depth understanding of taking innovative research and technologies to the commercial sector.  Her specialties include technology license agreements, distribution license agreements, acquisition & divestiture,  valuation modeling, manufacturing agreements,  and finding global marketing partners.

Karron has a passion for small business, focused development and collaboration. Every engagement is pursued with heart and as if the business was her own.

Clair Norman - Communications Strategist and Productivity Expert 
Email  clairhandynorman@gmail.com.

Clair Norman is a communications consultant focusing on mental wellness in a corporate setting. She is certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the University of California at San Diego’s Center of Mindfulness.  She is a communications strategist with 25+ years of experience across a number of sectors ranging from healthcare to technology and government agencies.  As a freelance communications strategist, Clair has provided communications consultant services for a broad range of clients from manufacturing to healthcare and non-profits to government agencies. She currently directs mindfulness education at the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation. A certified yoga instructor Clair consultants with companies and delivers workplace opportunities in the areas of yoga, mindfulness, productivity and overall mental wellness.  Clair is a 2-time Ironman finisher and active triathlete who races to advocate for mental wellness in teens and families. 

Tom Myrick - Technical Consultant & Chief Engineer
Email  tmyrick@bearmechanisms.com

With over 25 years of experience developing visionary innovations for space and industry, Mr. Myrick has a proven track record as a successful change agent, problem solver and now entrepreneur.  He is always dreaming about the next generation of mechanical concepts for aerospace and efficient solutions for industry.  Tom has designed, developed and tested over ten sophisticated drilling mechanisms for Mars, comets and asteroids as well as instrument design for space flight. 

Some aerospace inventions include the Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT), 2009 Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)/ Sample Manipulation System, 2007 Phoenix Lander/Ice Sample and Delivery (ISAD), Thermal Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA) instrument cover.  

He oversees and leads all engineering consulting activities and new product development.  His full resume with patents and publications is available upon request.

Bear's team consists of a number of recognized industry experts with decades of experience. Led by Karron, the group consistently advances the capabilities of clients with services that range from  product development, market research, modeling, analytics, process, strategy, productivity, marketing, and technical solutions.

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